Trio Sonata

Year: 2017

Instrumentation: violin, viola d'amore, cello continuo

Duration: 10 minutes

Program Notes

After hearing Pandolfis Consort perform Georg Moffat’s violin sonata, I began listening repeatedly and intensely to that wonderful work, as well as to the Biber Rosary Sonatas. These great masterpieces inspired me to try my hand at my own sonata, in my own style, but following the Baroque model of four movements, slow-fast-slow-fast. For instrumentation, I worked with the Pandolfis Consort’s core ensemble – violin, viola d’amore, cello, with the intent that the cello part would be supported, as an option, with theorbo.

Alternate PDF Downloads

Trio Sonata – Parts
Separate parts for violin, viola d’amore and cello combined into one pdf.

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