The Time is Past

Year: 2016

Instrumentation: string quartet

Duration: 15 minutes

Program Notes

The title is intended to capture something of my feeling about the Appalachian folk tunes that form the basis of the four movements of this quartet. I grew up during a renaissance in American folk music – and in a household where the likes of Burl Ives and Joan Baez were often on the turntable. Those songs now seem to hark back to a day that the world has bypassed. The melodies in this work were taken from a small but wonderful collection of Jean Ritchie’s, one of my favorite books of music. These are not settings of the songs for string quartet, but rather music that reflects back on those tunes, as if seen through the distance of time and haze of memories from my childhood.

Alternate PDF Downloads

The Time is Past – Parts

Separate parts for violin 1, violin 2, viola and cello combined in a single PDF file.

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