Music for Ukraine

Since the first day Russia invaded Ukraine, I have thought about little else. The invasion upended the illusions I lived under that with my generation, the era of world wars was over. Putin is our era's Hitler and his effort to eradicate Ukrainian culture and subsume it within some fiction of historical Russian dominance over Ukraine is genocide. As there is little else I can do about the war, as usual, my thoughts turn towards music. Hopefully, there will be no need to write more music in support of Ukraine - but I fear that hope has little likelihood of coming true.

Year Title Instruments Duration
2023 When the war ends, we will dance again string orchestra 22 minutes
2023 Ukrainian Folk Songs string quartet 17 minutes
2022 Symphony of Sighs chamber orchestra 17 minutes
2022 Заповіт (Taras Shevchenko) baritone & chamber orchestra 9 minutes