Vocal Music

Dating back into pre-history, poets and musicians have always been the ones to lift humanity up from the mundane and connect us with the deepest part of ourselves. I have always found the connection between words that go beyond words and music to be an inspiration. My favorite poets write words that seem to sing off the page and so setting their words to music seemed like a necessary and natural response.

Singers are welcome to enjoy and perform my work.
I ask that you please let me know if you download scores. Comments are welcome!

Year Title Instruments Duration
2019 This Hour (Rose Auslander) soprano, tenor, vn, va, vc, harpsichord 11 minutes
2019 Blossoms (Selma Meerbaum-Eisinger) soprano, viola d'amore, cello 22 minutes
2019 Selections from Les Roses (R.M. Rilke) soprano, oboe, violin 9 minutes
2018 Le Lay de Plour (Guillaume Machaut) contralto, flute, violin, cello, piano 40 minutes
2018 Vier Gedichte - tanka (Ingborg K. Hoflehner) mezzo soprano, viola d'amore 6 minutes
2018 Der Februar (Erich Kastner) soprano, viola d'amore 4 minutes
2018 La selva de los relojes (Federico Garcia Lorca) mezzo soprano, cello, piano 21 minutes
2018 Collected Villanelles (Various poets) a cappella voices 16 minutes
2017 The Violin Sings in a Common Language soprano, violin 13 minutes
2015 2 Love Songs (Heine) countertenor, vn, vc, theorbo 4 minutes
2017 A Collection of Songs to Poems by C.F. Cilliers (C.F. Cilliers) sop, piano 19 minutes
1975 Earth and Sea (Eskimo texts) soprano, piano 3 minutes
2004 Vignettes/Trees (W.C. Williams) 2 voices, 2 cellos 15 minutes
2003 Love Poems (W.C. Williams) SSAA 10 minutes
2002 Vignettes/Flowers (W.C. Williams) SATB, cello 18 minutes
1999 Crazy Jane Sings (W.B. Yeats) soprano, fl, vn, va, vc, pn 25 minutes
1987 To a Child (W.B. Yeats) soprano, string quartet 20 minutes
1983 6 Songs (W.B. Yeats) soprano, piano 15 minutes
1978 Preludes (T.S. Eliot) soprano, violin, cello 10 minutes
2005 Thinking of You (John MacKenzie) soprano, cello, harp 7 minutes
2005 Ariettas without words soprano, cello, harp 9 minutes
2005 Scetate (Ferdinando Russo) SSATTBB 6 minutes
1975 The Snow Begins (W.C. Williams) soprano, piano 3 minutes
2012 Songs of Loss and Remembrance (Rilke) sop, viola d'amore, viola, cello 12 minutes
2012 Sonnets to Orpheus (Rilke) tenor, piano 35 minutes
2010 Seasons (W.C. Williams) SATB 11 minutes
2010 4 Songs to Poems by Hart Crane (Hart Crane) tenor, piano 12 minutes
2009 5 Rilke Songs soprano, viola d'amore, cello 15 minutes
2006 In Their Flight (Mark Doty) sop, mezzo, violin, cello 6 minutes