A somewhat daunting ambition, one of the goals of my incessant music making has been to record the music I write and share it. On this page, you can learn about my upcoming recording projects – and, of course, if so inclined, please consider making a donation to help bring these projects to life. Thank you for supporting my music!

The Bridge

A recording of The Bridge by the Czech Chamber Orchestra Pardubice, conducted by Maestro Marek Štilec. Scheduled for October 2022.

A small, blue edition of Hart Crane’s masterpiece, The Bridge, has been living in my library for decades. The thought of doing something musically with it popped into mind now and then, but I never quite mustered the courage to do anything with it. However, during these days of coronavirus driven isolation, when the importance of human connectedness, so aptly symbolized by the image of the bridge, has been hammered into our consciousness, the time had come.

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A recording of a setting for soprano and orchestra of R.M. Rilke’s DIE ERSTE ELEGIE. Scheduled for 2023 with soprano Lisa Rombach and the Czech Chamber Orchestra Pardubice.

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