Past Performances


    • NYU Summer Winds Saxophone Quartet, “The Children are Crying”, Provincetown Playhouse, New York City
    • Duo Aliquot, “Nocturnes for Violin & Viola”, Germany
    • Matt Goeke and Ina Litera, “Passion, a love duet” for viola & cello, Maine
    • Eight String & a Whistle, “Melville’s Dream”, New York City
    • Gertrud Schmidt and Berenike Langmaack, “Rilke Songs” and “Der Februar”, Sondershausen, Germany
    • Englewinds, “Driven by the Wind,” Leonia, NJ
    • Camerata Philadelphia, “Dreaming of a Better World”, Philadelphia
    • Camerata Philadelphia, “The Time is Past” and “The Beckoning Stars”, Philadelphia
    • Theresa Norris, flute and Darryl Goldberg, cello, “A Little Sweet,” Leonia, NJ
    • Camerata Philadephia, “Afterwards, there were no more wars,” Philadelphia


    • Brett Deubner & Thomas Steigerwald, “Civil War Songs,” Maurice River, NJ
    • Pandolfis Consort, “Love Poems,” Wellington, New Zealand


    • Camerata Philadelphia, “meditations” for string orchestra, Philadelphia
    • Diderot String Quartet, 3 string quartets, Metropolitan Museum, New York
    • Le Duo Sonic Apricity, “nocturnes for violin & viola”, Montpelier and Toulouse


    • Pandolfis Consort, “Love Poems,” Wien


    • Three new string quartets, Engelmann Hall, NYC
    • Camerata Philadelphia, “American Landscapes” for string quartet, Philadelphia
    • “Music for a wedding” for string quartet, Atlanta


    • Pandolfis Consort, “Lieder ohne Worter”, Wien
    • Pandolfis Consort, “Lieder ohne Worter”,  Krakow
    • Juilliard graduate student ensemble, “Afterwards, there were no more wars,” Saddle River, NJ
    • Camerata Philadelphia, “Pavanne for a world without war,” Philadelphia


    • Pandolfis Consort, “Liede ohne Worter”, Wien


    • Pandolfis Consort “American Landscapes” for string quartet, Wien


    • Northshore Philharmonic with Brett Deubner, violist, “The Four Elements”, Boston


    • Pandolfis Consort, “Rilke Songs”, Wien
    • Amberleigh Aller, “In Their Flight”, Barbes, Brooklyn, NY
    • Camerata Arkos, “Mystical Songs” Universidad Tecnica Particular de Loja, Ecuador
    • Duo + Ensemble, Momentum Towards Peace, music by Stan Grill, Oji Hall, Tokyo Japan


    • Northern New Jersey Camerata (NNJC), “Motet for Brass Instruments,” Grounds for Sculpture, NJ
    • NNJC, songs for soprano & piano, St. Paul’s Festival of the Arts, Nyack, NY


    • One World Symphony, Sung Jin Hong, “In Their Flight” for voices & strings, Brooklyn, NY
    • One World Symphony, Sung Jin Hong, “Pluto” for orchestra, Brooklyn, NY
    • NNJC & Englewinds, “Elements” for woodwind quintet, Grounds for Sculpture, NJ
    • One World Symphony, Sung Jin Hong, “Ophelia Songs”, Brooklyn, NY
    • Ralph Farris, “Sara’s wedding music” for viola solo, Massachusetts


    • Bronx Arts Ensemble (William Scribner, Music Director), “5 Pastoral Scenes,” Bronx, NY
    • The New Carillon Ensemble with cellist Matt Goeke, “Vignettes-Flowers,” Nyack, NY
    • Vincent Palermo, “Imaginary Dances” for solo violin, Kira Burdman, dancer
    • One World Symphony, Sung Jin Hong, “Thinking of You,” Brooklyn, NY
    • One World Symphony, Sung Jin Hong, “Two Sad Songs,” Brooklyn, NY
    • One World Symphony, Sung Jin Hong, “excerpts from The Invisible Ballet,” Brooklyn NY


    • One World Symphony, Sung Jin Hong, “Vignettes-Trees,” Brooklyn, NY
    • One World Symphony, Sung Jin Hong, “Invisible Ballet,” Brooklyn, NY
    • Diller-Quaile String Quartet, “Duo” for viola and cello, Tribeca Arts Center
    • NNJC, “I was dreaming of the sea…” & “Little Tales of Mirth and Woe,”  Nyack, NY
    • New York Composers Circle, excerpts from “Imaginary Dances” for solo violin (Jorge Avila, violin)
    • The Omni Ensemble, “Driven by the Wind” for flute, cello and piano, Brooklyn Conservatory of Music
    • Diller-Quaile String Quartet, “Duo” for viola & cello, Diller Quaile School


    • Bronx Arts Ensemble, “Nonet (for New York),” New York Botanical Gardens
    • The Vincent Palermo Ensemble, “Three for Three” for piano trio, Nyack, NY


    • Leonia Chamber Musicians, “Serenade” for flute, violin, viola and cello, Teaneck NJ