Chamber Music

Chamber music, as the name suggests, is intimate. The interaction of a small number of solo voices is conversational - and it is that aspect that has always especially appealed to me. The flow of independent but interacting voices, sometimes echoing, sometimes contrasting, is so essentially human. The music on this page is for various combinations of instruments, but please go to the "music for strings alone" page for my string quartets.

Year Title Instruments Duration
2021 Fantasy viola & piano 12 minutes
2020 Traumstücke (from a lost manuscript by Adrian Leverkühn) viola d'amore & piano 11 minutes
2020 The Stars Circle Above Indifferent to Our Foolishness flute quartet 7 minutes
2020 Freedom Song saxophone quartet 6 minutes
2020 Echo fl, ob, cl, vn 4 minutes
2020 Dance solo flute 3 minutes
2020 The Whirr of Wings (an instrumental suite) flute, viola, cello 19 minutes
2020 Remember (5 intermezzi for our planet) viola & piano 10 minutes
2019 Aphorisms IV (for Olivia Koopalethes) cello & piano 19 minutes
2019 Divisions violin, cello, piano 13 minutes
2019 Aphorisms II viola, piano 21 minutes
2018 the children are still crying (a sequel) saxophone quartet 6 minutes
2018 the children are crying saxophone quartet 6 minutes
2018 Fanfare 4 sackbuts (or trombones) 3 minutes
2018 Music for Loud Band 2 cornettos & 2 tenor sackbuts 10 minutes
2017 Melville's Dream alto flute, viola, violoncello 12 minutes
2003 A Little Sweet flute, cello 10 minutes
2003 On the Edge of Sleep and Dreaming horn, cello, harp 31 minutes
2004 5 Pastoral Scenes ob, bn, vn, va, vc 30 minutes
2004 I was dreaming of the sea vn (or fl), vc, pn 7 minutes
2004 Little Tales of Mirth & Woe vn (or fl), vc, pn 6 minutes
2005 An Ode to the Possibility of Peace clarinet, violin, cello 15 minutes
2006 Elements fl, ob, cl, hn, bn 11 minutes
2006 Motet for Brass Instruments 2 trp, hn, trb, tu 7 minutes
2014 4 Caprices for Violin & Piano violin, piano 14 minutes
2002 Nonet (for New York) fl, ob, cl, hn, bn, 2vns, va, vc 35 minutes
2001 Driven by the Wind flute, cello, piano 25 minutes
2000 Distant Music clarinet, violin, cello, piano 20 minutes
1999 Serenade fl, vn, va, vc 11 minutes
1993 Take Five 2 vns, va, vc, pn 25 minutes
1992 Civil War Songs viola, piano 18 minutes
1992 Three for Three violin, cello, piano 16 minutes