(for a world without war)

Year: 2005

Instrumentation: string orchestra

Duration: 8 minutes

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Program Notes

Pavanne (for a world without war) is a work composed after having made a decision that my music needed to serve another purpose besides the obvious one of touching the hearts of those who listened to it. However unlikely of success, that purpose is the achievement of world peace. That cause seemed to be making some, albeit small, progress through the latter part of the 20th century. The end of the Cold War that I grow up with, with its threat of imminent mutual destruction, was an enormous step forward. However, more recent events have been terribly discouraging, with America, despite its great wealth and strength, seeming to be incapable of taking a leadership role in the cause of peace. Instead, America seems set on exacerbating the tensions that could potentially lead, once again, to worldwide conflict.

I believe the majority of people throughout the world desire nothing more than to live in peace and safety. If that desire is kindled sufficiently, than perhaps it would be enough to overcome the will of that powerful minority for whom violence is beneficial. This music is dedicated to encouraging the spirit of non-violence in those who hear it.

Recording of PAVANNE

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