Border Crossings

Year: 2019

Instrumentation: 2 violins

Duration: 17 minutes

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Program Notes

Music inspired by the good work of violinists Mariella Haubs and Jocelyn Zhu – Concerts for Compassion.

While driving somewhere or other, I caught an interview with Mariella and Jocelyn on the radio, describing their experiences traveling to refugee camps in Europe and the Americas playing music for refugees from countries around the world. Given the intensity of the current debate about immigration in the United States – and my own beliefs about the issue – immediately upon arriving home I found them on the internet and reached out to offer music in support of their great cause.

We arranged to chat over coffee in a small cafe at Lincoln Center shortly afterwards – which led to my composing Border Crossings for them. The music was written while holding an image in my mind of the two of them walking into some refugee camp somewhere, opening up their violin cases, and starting to play. Music intended to provide solace, as only music can do, to people from all walks of life facing some of the most traumatic experiences that people can face. Music that creates a conversation between the two instruments that crosses the borders that are imaginary and artificial, let lead to so much grief in the world.


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