Music for Peace Project

Coming of age in the '60s, I absorbed in my core a belief that peace was possible. In that small instant of time, it did seem, for sure to an optimistic and naïve teenager, that the millions of voices protesting in the streets, energized by rock and roll, could make a difference. The young would take over from the old and make the world a better place. Of course, it didn't turn out that way - and it never has. Revolutionaries become what they seek to replace. Despite the discouraging tone of these words, I still harbor an inner faith that music possesses a power to reach into the hearts and minds of those who are listening and influence them for the better. With that thought in mind, much of my music was written to encourage thoughts about the possibility of peace. Yes, much martial music has been composed over the centuries to stir up the passions of soldiers to go to war - but music also has the power to elevate, to bring peace to troubled spirits, to light the path to an inner space that is free of anger and strife.

Year Title Instruments Duration
2024 Symphony for Peace (Dona Nobis Pacem) chamber orchestra 40 minutes
2022 music inspired by 2 poems against war solo cello 7 minutes
2021 We Will Not Forget duduk & string orchestra 10 minutes
2021 The Peace of Wild Things (and other songs) (Poems by Wendell Berry, Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, Sara Teasdale, William Carlos Williams) countertenor, traverso, viola, violoncello, theorbo 17 minutes
2021 Ahimsa (Global Music Awards - Silver Medal winner) orchestral ensemble 20 minutes
2020 Freedom Song saxophone quartet 6 minutes
2019 Border Crossings 2 violins 17 minutes
2019 Declaration of Peace (Global Music Awards Silver Medal Winner) chamber orchestra 12 minutes
2018 the children are still crying (a sequel) saxophone quartet 6 minutes
2018 the children are crying saxophone quartet 6 minutes
2018 Against War (various poets) soprano & orchestra 23 minutes
2005 An Ode to the Possibility of Peace clarinet, violin, cello 15 minutes
2013 Lonely Voices string quartet 26 minutes
2016 Dreaming of a Better World string quartet 15 minutes
2005 Pavanne (for a world without war) string orchestra 8 minutes
2013 Afterwards, there were no more wars string quartet 21 minutes