Orchestral Music

While this is too broad a generalization, the very words "symphony orchestra" imply a massing of sounds together that generates a very different effect than the intertwining of contrapuntal voices. The use of orchestral color as an element of musical effect has not been a primary source of inspiration in my writing. The music on this page, with some exception, is an expansion of the same impetus that informs my chamber music - the sound of strings as independent voices, but played off against another voice, often as a solo voice. In the collection of works on this page, that voice is taken by various instruments, as an offsetting color to the sound of strings - in short, as a sort of song, with or without words. For musicians interested in performing any of these works, please contact me for parts, or alternatively, parts are available on the New Music USA On-Line Library.

Year Title Instruments Duration
2019 Declaration of Peace chamber orchestra 12 minutes
2018 Summer (a symphony) orchestra 43 minutes
2018 Season of Rain (a symphony) orchestra 38 minutes
2018 Against War (various poets) soprano & orchestra 23 minutes
2001 Morning Music cl, string orchestra 22 minutes
2002 Two Sad Songs (W.B. Yeats) sop, string orchestra 15 minutes
2003 Invisible Ballet strings & diverse instruments 33 minutes
2005 Pluto orchestra 15 minutes
2005 Ophelia Songs (Shakespeare) sop, harp, string orchestra 12 minutes
2008 Love's Little Pleasures (various poets) sop, string orchestra 15 minutes
2009 The Four Elements viola, string orchestra 22 minutes
2009 Mystical Songs (Fernando Rielo) sop, viola, string orchestra 18 minutes
2012 In Praise of Reason cello, 2 horns, string orchestra 13 minutes