Music for Strings Alone

Although trained as a pianist, that instrument is not what I hear inwardly when musical ideas spring to mind. Rather, it is the sound of bowed strings. Renaissance vocal music informs much of what I write, but the rich sound of a bowed string offers so much better opportunity than does the human voice for long, sustained lines - after all, string players don't have to breathe (at least not in order to produce sound). The music on this page ranges from solo works to works for massed strings, but it is the string quartet that has mostly occupied my attention over the years. A matter of personal taste, but for me, it is the perfect vehicle for musical expression.

Year Title Instruments Duration
2023 Koios Sings (a hymn to the Titan God of intelligence) string orchestra 21 minutes
2023 When the war ends, we will dance again string orchestra 22 minutes
2023 Ukrainian Folk Songs string quartet 17 minutes
2006 Ecstasy solo cello 9 minutes
2022 Artemis, Her Silver Bow string orchestra 10 minutes
2022 Sonata solo cello 13 minutes
2022 music inspired by 2 poems against war solo cello 7 minutes
2021 Sulla Natura string quartet 27 minutes
2021 The Bridge of Birds viola & cello 13 minutes
2021 Drift string orchestra 12 minutes
2020 Ode to Theia string quartet 22 minutes
2019 Sea and Sky 2 violas 11 minutes
2019 Border Crossings 2 violins 17 minutes
2019 Airs and Dances string ensemble 16 minutes
2019 Aphorisms (for string quartet) string quartet 25 minutes
2018 Duets (for viola d'amores) viola d'amore 6 minutes
2017 Transfiguration (4 movements for 4 violas) viola quartet 14 minutes
2017 Trio Sonata violin, viola d'amore, cello continuo 10 minutes
1992 As Easy as 1,2,3 (music for children) violin, viola, cello 9 minutes
2014 Music for a wedding string quartet 6 minutes
2006 Sara's Wedding Music viola solo 4 minutes
2013 Lonely Voices string quartet 26 minutes
2014 Trance Music string orchestra 22 minutes
2016 The Time is Past string quartet 15 minutes
2016 Dreaming of a Better World string quartet 15 minutes
2007 American Landscapes string quartet 24 minutes
2006 Meditations for String Orchestra string orchestra 8 minutes
2005 Pavanne (for a world without war) string orchestra 8 minutes
2003 Passion (a love duet) viola, cello 9 minutes
2003 Short Stories vn, va, vc, db 18 minutes
2001 Imaginary Dances violin solo 18 minutes
1987 For Laura string quartet 25 minutes
1986 6 Contrapuntal Pieces string quartet 20 minutes
2001 The Beckoning Stars string quartet 13 minutes
2008 Motet for String Orchestra string orchestra 7 minutes
2009 Ecstasy viola solo 9 minutes
2013 At the Center of All Things string quartet 17 minutes
2013 Afterwards, there were no more wars string quartet 21 minutes
2013 4 Nocturnes violin, viola 19 minutes
2013 Music for viol consort 6 viols 20 minutes
2012 O, mystery! viola solo 5 minutes
2012 Middle Ground vn, 2va, vc 25 minutes
2011 Lieder ohne Worte 2 va, vc, theorbo 12 minutes
2010 Sonatine 3 violins 9 minutes
2009 Transformations viola da gamba solo 12 minutes