Aphorisms II

Year: 2019

Instrumentation: viola, piano

Duration: 21 minutes

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Program Notes

Many authors and thinkers have written aphorisms, but few excelled at this art. The ability to capture a complex thought in a simple, pithy phrase is harder than it looks! Recently reading through a few volumes of aphorisms by François La Rochefoucauld, Franz Kafka and Oscar Wilde, and finding that while the format of these books, in places, has some semblance of order, mostly each maxim or aphorism stands on its own. This arrangement intrigued me for music, as such a method of organization runs so contrary to how music is usually structured – and I wanted to experiment with a piece that flowed from one brief idea to another, without interruption or development. I employed this first in a string quartet, Aphorisms I, and then followed that shortly thereafter with this work for viola & piano.

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