The Stars Circle Above Indifferent to Our Foolishness

Year: 2020

Instrumentation: flute quartet

Duration: 7 minutes

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Program Notes

This music is dedicated to my soon to be born granddaughter – Astrid Alexandra Alberts-Grill.

As society becomes increasingly polarized and unhinged, with the worst sort of people in positions of power in many countries throughout the world, I often remind myself that all of it, no matter how bad, is a mirage of illusions. The effects of it may be all too real, but for those who are able to see reality, even in small part, it is evident that the thoughts and beliefs that drive it all are founded upon sheer nonsense. None of it is founded in reality, in rational, sane thinking. As puny humans, filled with self-aggrandizing thoughts, go about stoking craziness, violence and hatred, the world goes on, the stars circle overhead in their eternal processions, entirely indifferent to our self-afflicted plight. That is the real world – and a beautiful one it is. If only we were worthy of it. My hope for little Astrid is that she will feel that connection to the Great Universe around us – and become worthy to be a tiny part of it. Her parents and grandparents will give her a good start!

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