Year: 2005

Instrumentation: orchestra

Duration: 15 minutes

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Program Notes

Composed for One World Symphony to provide the missing planet in a program presenting Holst’s The Planets, this music is intended to capture something of the eternal sweep of this cold and mysterious planet around its distant sun. The music is structured in great circles, expanding and then returning again and again to the opening theme. It is a reminder that as we sit here, at this very moment as in every moment of our lives, through unimaginable distances, stars move, vast energies are released and exchanged, and mysteries both within and beyond our capacity for knowing are at work. Such matters may seem distant to our concerns, but I believe it hugely important that we hold the vast and mysterious world ever present in our hearts. If more did so, perhaps we would find more cause for the pursuit of knowledge and less for the unceasing violence that has marked us throughout that tiny fraction of time/space that we think of as our history.

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