For your consideration – TRANSFIGURATION




From online performances to benefit albums, musicians kept their art alive throughout the most dire days of the coronavirus pandemic. Among them are composer Stanley Grill and violist Brett Deubner, who collaborated via remote recording sessions to transform Grill’s multi-instrumental chamber pieces into an intimate collection of multilayered works for viola. The resulting album, TRANSFIGURATION, showcases a singular connection between composer and performer. Throughout three works — Sonatine, Sea and Sky, and Transfiguration— lush, crisp soundscapes fill the ears as the viola’s soothing timbre and Deubner’s seamless technique create a pastoral quality that underscores the spiritual and introspective themes of Grill’s compositions.

TRANSFIGURATION, the album’s title work, was composed as an expression of that extraordinary faculty of humankind to adapt and change – for the better. For all our faults, we have it within us to become something entirely different and better. We may be locked inside a hardened chrysalis of self-interest and illusions, but we can emerge as butterflies and fly.