American Music Fairness Act

For those recorded musicians in the U.S., sharing a letter to send to your representative in Congress in support of the American Music Fairness Act.


For nearly a century, American radio stations have exploited a loophole in the law that has enabled them to broadcast music without compensating the music makers behind the sound recording. This injustice has allowed major broadcast radio conglomerates to earn billions of dollars annually without a single cent going to the artists, performers, instrumentalists, and producers who make the music. This loophole has left American artists and studio professionals as one of the lone professions in the world where their work can be taken without permission and without compensation.

Fortunately, the bipartisan American Music Fairness Act (AMFA) (H.R. 4130) was recently introduced in the House to right this wrong. AMFA establishes a terrestrial performance right for sound recordings, and ensures that artists and music makers are fairly compensated when their songs are played on AM/FM radio, just like they are on competing digital, online, and streaming platforms. By establishing a performance right, the bill would also unlock foreign royalties earned, but not collected, by American creators whose music is played overseas. And, AMFA supports true local radio stations with important safeguards that protect small, medium, and non-profit community broadcasters.

In the recent past, Congress has proven that it can work together to advance creators’ rights and keep America as a beacon of creativity. Now, I hope, Congress can continue these important reforms and close the antiquated radio loophole.

Please support music makers, and co-sponsor the American Music Fairness Act.