To Pain

(Peter Levitt)

Year: 2020

Instrumentation: baritone & piano

Duration: 4 minutes

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Program Notes

For sure, social media sometime feels like the plague. But then, there are the connections made, across continents, between like-minded people. One of those, for me, has been the poet Peter Levitt. His thoughtful posts are a calm oasis in the social media flurry of madness.

Recently, he posted a short poem, In Pain, on his Facebook page and I spent that same evening setting it to music. A poem appropriate for our times.

It was cold.
There was rain.
Now there is sun.

I made a bowl
of coarse tea,
plain rice.

My sticks
were smooth and long.

Eyes have always been
originally clear.
Heart never blocked,
the same.

Keep to the simple way.

Shine when you shine.
Rain when you rain.
Make food
all people can eat.
Serve them first
when you can.

Even in this lifetime
suffering can end.

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