Several Simple Songs

(C.F. Cilliers)

Year: 2021

Instrumentation: soprano & piano

Duration: 10 minutes

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Program Notes

It is now many years since I received a Facebook friend request from Charl Cilliers, via a common friend. As time went by, I would often enjoy the poems he would post, and one day, decided to set one and send it to him. That led to a long-time friendship via email, a contemporary form of pen-pals, as we traded poems and music. My first cycle of songs to his poems was eventually recorded, but by that time, Charl was quite ill and to my knowledge, never got to hear them.

Recently, I found myself thinking of Charl, missing our long-distance “virtual” friendship. Reading again from the many books of poems he had shared with me, I chose five for this set of songs. Their imagery struck me and the music to go along with the words came easily, as I wrote one song each evening over five nights.

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