A Collection of Songs to Poems by C.F. Cilliers

(C.F. Cilliers)

Year: 2017

Instrumentation: sop, piano

Duration: 19 minutes

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Program Notes

There is a story behind this collection of songs. We live in a world governed by incidental collisions – and such incidents are greatly multiplied by the technology of the internet. How else would a poet living in South Africa and a composer sitting in his attic writing music in New Jersey ever have crossed paths and begun to share our work? Having accepted a “friend” request on Facebook from Charl, without having any idea of who he was, or where he was from, I began to read – and love – the poems he occasionally posted. Amongst all of the ignorable nonsense that people post, these stood out as gems – demanded my attention – and some seemed to cry out for music. Having set one poem, then another, from Facebook, I reached out to Charl directly to ask for more – and he sent me volumes. This collection was a beginning. I’m sorry to write that Charl passed away before I was able to arrange a recording of the songs I wrote to his beautiful words.


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